eterniti Fabric Conditioner Glass Bottle

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Be a home cleaning style diva with your stylish eterniti Glass Bottle, that will stay with you forever. Your Fabric Conditioner Bottle comes with a 40ml measuring cap.
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eterniti Fabric Conditioner Glass Bottle

eterniti Fabric Conditioner Glass Bottle

Rs. 399 Rs. 499
Packaging & Materials

We encourage you to use any existing bottles that you may have at home. However, in case you want to purchase a bottle, Glass is a great option due to it’s infinite recyclability and high recycling rates in India.

End of Life

For some reason, if you need to dispose you eterniti Glass Bottle, you can discard the bottle with household waste. However, do send back the plastic fixtures to us & we will enure that they find their way to the right recycling stream.

How to Use

Handle with care & keep away from children.