Here are some of the questions that the Happi Planet community members have asked. If you don't find an answer here, feel free to reach out to us. We'd love to answer your questions.

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What is Happi Planet?

Happi Planet is an eco-conscious community, committed to building a better cleaning system, for a cleaner tomorrow! You can learn more about our products, ingredients, sustainability initiatives and much more through our website.

Is Happi Planet cruelty free?

Yes! All our products are cruelty-free! We do not test on animals.


What makes Happi Planet products different? What kind of ingredients do you use?

Happi Planet products are made from ingredients that are completely safe you & your loved ones, even children and pets. They are free from any toxic chemicals that can be hazardous for health in the short and long term. What’s more, they also ensure the well-being of our planet, because they are 100% biodegradable.

Are these products as effective as the regular cleaners in the market?

It is a common misconception that harsh chemicals clean better. Our R&D team & manufacturing partners have created super-safe products that harness maximum cleaning powers from natural or naturally derived ingredients. Happi Planet products work better while keeping toxic chemicals and fumes at bay. This is also one of the reasons why our products are slightly more expensive vs. regular cleaners on the market.

Are your products Vegan?

Yes, all Happi Planet products are Vegan. We do not use any animal-derived ingredient in any of our products.

What happens to the products after use?

Our biodegradable formulations break down quickly without leaving any toxins in the environment. In fact, two of our formulations (Floor Cleaner and Fruit & Veggie Wash) are safe enough to water plants after use. Now isn’t that cool!


What are the Happi Planet paper based cartons made of?

Our Refill cartons are 85% Paper, 10% PE, and 5% aluminum = 100% Recyclable. To safely and securely transport our products, Happi Planet refill cartons contain a thin liner of aluminum and PE. Polyethylene is the most widely recyclable and safely reusable polymer. Identified as “Recycling Number 2”, it is accepted by most recycling centers.

What happens to the packaging after use?

Join our free mailback program. Once we receive your empty cartons, they are given a new life, transformed into school benches which we then donate to schools. Not bad for the lifetime of a carton, eh!

What happens if I am unable to mail back cartons to Happi Planet?

We highly recommend you send back your cartons to us via the free mailback program. In the case however that you are unable to do so, please separate the cap from the carton. Cap can be disposed with regular trash & the paper carton can be sent for recycling to paper mills, along with your newspaper waste.

Why do you sell empty Glass Bottles?

We recommend that you reuse plastic / glass / metal bottles that you may already have at home. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with production of goods. However, if you do need to buy a bottle along with our refills, glass is a great option as it is highly reusable and the glass recycling rates in India are significantly higher than plastic recycling rates.